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It is believed that Alexander Stewart was born in Galloway County, Scotland about 1755 and immigrated to the colonies as a young man.  He served in the Virginia militia during the Revolutionary War and, later, migrated to Kentucky following the typical Scotch-Irish migration pattern.

Many families originally from Scottish lowlands who migrated to Ireland and then to the colonies prior to the Revolutionary War were Presbyterians.  We, no doubt, owe our Presbyterian faith to the Stewart family. 

Alexander’s great granddaughter, Eliza Susan Stewart, 9th and last child of William Salem Stewart and Sarah Ann Branaman, was born in Flat Lick, Knox County, Kentucky.  In her DAR application she wrote that Alexander Stewart was personally known to her.  At the age of 31 she married her neighbor Henry Hugh Wood.  Not granted an education herself, she made sure her two sons received the best possible education.

On December 2, 1976, John Lair wrote Rockcastle Recollections for the Mt. Vernon Signal.  This is what he had to say about Eliza or “Aunt Lize” as she was known around Wildie:

[Referring to an interview with his friend T.J. Wood, Eliza’s oldest son]  “If you ask him to what he attributes his success he is quick to give you a positive answer.  There’s no guesswork about it in his mind….He will tell you that his mother was the driving influence in his life from the very beginning.  His brother, Alfred, with whom I grew up, agrees with this.  Both boys remember that it was their mother who not only instilled in their minds the necessity for work and study but also saw to it that they did just that.  My own recollections bear this out.  I remember how proud she was of them and how she worked at promoting them.”

Eliza Susan Stewart



Circa 1925

Great Granddaughter of

 Alexander Stewart,

the patriot,


Henry Hugh Wood

20 Janauary 1892


Wildie, Kentucky.


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Eliza Susan Stewart Wood